Dale Weaver 1 1 2. The application you are interfacing with such as Excel or Access. I am working on a similar problem with bridging my MSSQL server to the Timberline Database and it is not as clean cut as you would think. Again, make sure you use an account that has access to the network location of your timberline data. Add “pwd”, password ; return builder. Problem i am having is dissoicating the DSN part from the connection string and getting it to work properly. Morse, The Gorman Group.

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Gray 5, 2 21 Just search for the latest install. Where an how the data is stored.

Best regards, Juran RE: Sage has not made it easy for you to access this information at all and if i have my 2 cents to say about this application suite, i would suggest against it at ALL cost. Does Timberline work on the user’s machine?

Add “databasetype”, 1 ; builder. However, I can honestly say it took me several years to timbedline the concepts. Have you tried loading the Timberline Driver onto the webserver or into the application in question for consumption? I don’t plan to leave the user as ‘sa’, but that’s the starting point.


For testing connecting with MS Access to the ODBC driver was easy; it served as a good way to get table and field names, and confirm the connection string.

The possibilities are endless.

This message is for juran. Aloha and Mahalo abaerst. I am working on a similar problem with bridging my MSSQL server to the Timberline Database and timgerline is not as clean ti,berline as you would think. Juran, I wish that I had an answer for you, but I only have additional information for the problem.

Office Connector enables Excel to instantly gather and write information that would otherwise take hours or even days to assemble. I can simply do a nightly backup and query against that. Timberline Data Source connection Timberline Knowledgebase: The driver is only available in 32 bit version. There were two key parts of the solution. It helps immensely if your training is centered around Timber timberlinne not an unrelated database such as Access.


I can see the tables in Timberline. Here is an example: Sage fields are internally marked and timberkine a password to allow updating.

Promoting, selling, recruiting, coursework and thesis posting is forbidden. Well here is the weird part. I solved the issue sort of. I found the whole process very frustrating and unrewarding.

Timberline ODBC Resources

It feels like a permission error, but the source of the error hasn’t made itself apparent yet. Any idea how to do a limit? I receive the same error. Any suggestions would be highly appreciated.

How do I set up an ODBC User DSN for Accounting and Management data?

This will bring up the Run box. No issues with UNC paths.

ODBC Timberline data files.