Linq ; using Microsoft. July 16thth , Portugal. NET Compact Framework 2. NET Core is a great framework to build on. This is just a simple example!

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View data differences, generate script, and sync data. With sharding you can leave behind the drawbacks of the model and can scale infinitely. looking at working on a which uses C. Oct 23rdth Lisbon, Portugal. NET framework you are really in luck here. Alternately can install the Citus extension to Postgres locally, by using a local Docker installation:. Models ; Replace connection-string with your Citus connection string.

About PostGIS For geospatial data, postgis means you always have a way to put data in relation they at the same place? EntityFrameworkCore ; using QuestionExchange.

Fast and Advanced ADO. The test tenants you added to the database were tied the domains bufferoverflow. The better site for info is: You already have the former the Tenant class you created earlierso create new file in the project root called CachingTenantResolver.


Multitenancy SaasKit needs two things to work: Aug 27th- Sep Dar es Salam, Tanzania. All of tenant resolution logic totally up to you – you could postgres.het tenants by subdomains, paths, or anything else you want.

You can get a significant discountand a free licenseby spreading word about dotConnect for PostgreSQL. May 15thth, France May 14thth St. You could also look up tenants by subdomain or any other scheme you want.

All function calls within the extension are now schema qualified. With the database architected and seeded with test data, you can move on to setting up ASP. Http ; using Microsoft. Before you that, add a new method below the Questions property: EntityFrameworkCore ; Microsoft.

Provider for PostgreSQL with Entity Framework Support

It supports all of the things you would want to do with calling SQL, but it also supports calling Functions stored procedures.

Post as a guest Name. Refer to License FAQ for more information. Open it up and replace Index method with one:. The documentation is well written and provides useful examples postgres.nte getting philosophical or Stack Overflow best with JavaScript enabled. The ResolveAsync method does the heavy lifting: I haven’t tried it out though.


It is now available on Github. I started doing this religiously when I found that the same admittedly obscure Linq expression in MySQL didnt back the same as it did in Sql Server.

NET Core runs anywhere you it to Windows, Mac, Linux, Docker features a modern middleware pipeline, a rich package ecosystem, and blazing-fast performance.