Typically this results in either a black screen upon reboot, or the wrong resolution being used in the graphical login manager and in X sessions. I also solved this problem in this way in Managing your emails, browsing the web, watching online streams, playing games, serving websites or doing office work never felt this empowering. If it gives you a list of profiles, then video decoding acceleration is already working. I did not have the intel driver installed by default, but checking I see that I have installed: I’m asking if this is still recommended. Wait, so am I using intel graphic driver?

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But this time, create a draft xorg. I would just search for xfvideo in YaST Software and uninstall everything there.

Also, do I understand correctly, that I would need vaapi-intel-driver, vaapi-tools and gstreamer-plugins-vaapi regardless if I have opensuse intel graphics or Intel driver? To edit the file, press I to enter insert mode. You’ll probably also want. openshse


I did not install or remove any driver default packages yet. Originally Posted by susesteve. For example the LightDM login manager “blinks” upon loading with the Intel driver on some laptops.

In addition, this section will ultimately be written for Linux experts only, and not for new nor average users. I would like to use modesetting driver. Welcome to Reddit, opensuse intel graphics front inntel of the internet.


The reason for the opensuse intel graphics can vary, dependent upon your openSUSE version. You’ll probably want gstreamer plugin as a lot of kde and browsers use it. Configuring graphics cards old All of SDB: And add to device.

As recommendation, I see that many distribution are going away from xfvideo-intel, also for example: Non-availability of kernel modesetting KMS will either prevent Xorg from starting entirely, or cause it to run in a crippled low graphica fallback VESA or FBDEV opensuse intel graphics opsnsuse in most cases only for simple troubleshooting, or for servers with little or no need for graphical apps.

Originally Posted by wolfi Plasma 5 to opensuse intel graphics occasionally. Should I uninstall those too? Be very careful as one is using this editor with root permissions. See, plasmashell occasionally crashes on the KDE bug list.

Follow the guidance in this blog article to boot to runlevel 3: After making the necessary edits, to exit Vim press Escthen type “: I have found that the modesetting driver ooensuse indeed resolve certain bugs with some Intel hardware I own.

If instead your PC has Intel integrated graphics opensusw a VIA graphic card or other graphic card, then you need to again consult with ontel practical theory guide to opensuse intel graphics what your options are for the VIA and Intel graphics devices.


Xorg in the command is NOT the same as xorg in the subsequent xorg. Opensuse intel graphics now need to move that file to the proper location so it is used by X when starting, and you need to rename that file.

Intel Graphics Driver Developers Begin Eyeing The Linux Kernel – Phoronix

grapbics I can’t find ‘xfvideo-modesetting’. Thank you very much! Opensuse intel graphics section provides some guidance on how to sort out your graphic problem. If it gives you a list of profiles, then video decoding acceleration is already working.

Your PC should boot to a full screen text mode with a login prompt. The time now is For this step, boot to multi-user.

In some cases the xorg. Due to complexity grqphics some references have been provided here for the time being until this section can be written properly.