When you select the Index position on the Mode dial, the image data in the card is displayed as small gray squares on the LCD panel. Many of today’s inkjet photo printers are rated at dpi or dpi and yet the P is only dpi? Relative to the Kodak Personal PictureMaker low-end standalone photo-grade inkjet , gamut is actually slightly larger, better in the bright reds, greens, and some blues, slightly weaker in purples and some yellow-reds. Relative to the Kodak Personal PictureMaker , the comparison not shown here is much closer, with the P winning on some reds and yellows through greens, but losing on purples and dark green through cyan colors. Once the Trimming option is activated, a set of crop marks appears on the screen, and the arrow keys drive the direction and amount of cropping up and down arrow keys crop vertically and left and right arrow keys crop horizontally.

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Select OK, and all of your images will be printed.

Olympus P-400 Thermodrucker

Comfortable activity tracker backed by a olympus camedia p 400 fitness platform. Some inkjet printers tend to “neck down” at low brightness values, due to overaggressive black generation algorithms. The Mode dial has four function settings: To the camedi of the Mode dial, the LCD panel previews images that are to be printed and menu options for various functions.

Most people automatically think inkjet when you mention ‘photo printer’, but that’s not the only option. The P has a very informative demo mode, which should be beneficial to olympus camedia p 400 time users. They can be input directly using the SmartMedia or PC card slots on the front of the printer, or they can be downloaded from an olympus camedia p 400 computer connection using a parallel or USB cable.


For best results, you’ll need to resample your photos to dpi before printing. If you are using a memory card to deliver the files, you must first insert the card into the appropriate reader and then turn the printer’s Mode dial to Input. Just beneath the LCD panel, this button accesses the settings menus when in any of the four printing modes, and also cancels printing once the printer has begun the printing process. Calls up an LCD adjustment screen, for increasing or decreasing the brightness of the display.

Printing the same images from a memory card in standalone 40 resulted in perfectly smooth edges. What phone number can be used to schedule the drop off?. As with the other printing modes, the preselected images are displayed in olympus camedia p 400 preview screen with a set of numbers to tell you which selection you are viewing from the total number of images. Conclusion The Olympus P is a llympus “breakthrough” product, offering full-page A4 continuous-tone, dye-sublimation printing at an unprecedented price.

Its printer line is smaller, but it offers the same high quality olympys technical innovation that Olympus has been known for in its digicam models. You’ll see a menu of options on the screen. olympus camedia p 400

Olympus P Digital Photography Review

And essentially all printer manufactures choose the most wildly optimistic interpretation available. Unused dye just remains on the carrier ribbon and gets spooled onto the take-up reel when the print is completed.

Performance Olympus bills the P as having a print time of 90 seconds. The number 1 represents the most negative adjustment and the number 5 is the most olympuus adjustment.

Olympus camedia p 400 card slots on the front of the printer accept either SmartMedia 3. In the case of dye-subs, the print cost is always the same, whether you’re covering the entire page with color, or just printing type.


The lowest-priced item that has been used or o previously.

It may take several presses before olympuus cancel olympus camedia p 400 registers. The images are quite durable though, resistant to damage through scratching or exposure to water, thanks to the transparent overcoat layer that the printer deposits across the entire image area of the print as a final step in the printing process.


The Printing light flashes when data is being received or processed, and glows when an image is being printed. We don’t have the software to olymups that yet, but as an alternative, Mac users can download the 3D data file in Rotater format. It requires four passes of the printer head to produce a complete print, including one pass for each of the three colors and one for the protective laminate overcoat.

What camera should I buy? The printer features relatively few control buttons, each of which is clearly labeled as to its function. MacOS and Windows updates restore olympus camedia p 400 edge. Add this product to 4000 shortlist for comparison. The Layout feature offers a number of different layout options based on your paper olympus camedia p 400, the number of images you want on a page, and the size paper you’ve cmaedia there are 12 layouts for A4 paper and 10 for the A5 paper size.

Brand index Olympus Olympus Printers. Once you’ve selected the paper size, printing mode, and any image adjustment options, press the Print button to begin the printing process.