When return is required, return instructions and a container are shipped with the replacement CRU, and you may be charged for the replacement CRU if IBM does not receive the defective CRU within 15 days of your receipt of the replacement. The Predictive Failure Analysis PFA detects when system components for example, processors, memory, hard disk drives operate outside of standard thresholds and generates pro-active alerts in advance of possible failure, therefore increasing uptime. The server supports the rack cabinets listed in the following table. Manageability and security Powerful systems management features simplify local and remote management of the x M4: System x M4 Product Guide withdrawn product. The server can also be attached to supported external storage systems as described in the next section below.

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Refer to the Software requirements section for operating system limitations. IBM Systems Director is included for proactive systems management. Unattended or remote installation may be performed without requiring some or all of these components.

The warranty service type and the service level provided in the servicing country may be different from that ibm system x3100 m4 network in the country in which the machine was purchased. The specified level of warranty service may not be available in all worldwide locations. IMM2 Basic has the following features: Hot-swap drive bays available on some models combined with RAID capabilities offer the potential of no downtime in the event ibm system x3100 m4 network a drive failure.

Power supplies Integrated virtualization Remote management Supported operating systems Physical and electrical specifications Warranty options Regulatory compliance External disk storage expansion External disk storage systems External backup units Top-of-rack Ethernet switches Uninterruptible power supply units Power distribution units Racks cabinets Rack options Lenovo Financial Services Related publications and links Related product families.


You need to squeeze as much as possible out of your IT dollars, while saving cost on features not needed in an SMB environment.

IBM System x M4 ()

Front view of the System x M4 Figure 3. Customer setup instructions are shipped with systems.

The x M4 delivers several IBM innovative features in a compact mini 5U form factor with a competitive price. You must provide a suitable working area to allow disassembly and reassembly of the IBM machine. Under IWS, warranty service will be provided with the prevailing warranty service type and service level available for the IWS-eligible machine type in the servicing country, and ibm system x3100 m4 network warranty period observed will be that of the country in which the machine was systek.

Reliable and easy to manage, Express models and configurations vary by country.

Network connection problems

An IBM part or feature installed during the initial installation of an IBM machine is subject to a full warranty effective on the date of installation of the machine.

Part number Description Maximum quantity supported per one enclosure 2. The following table lists the drives that are supported by EXP external expansion enclosures. If you decide ibm system x3100 m4 network or months later to add to your solution, we can consolidate everything into a single invoice. As a premier client, you have a dedicated finance specialist who manages your account through its life, from first invoice through asset return or purchase.

Rack options The obm supports ibm system x3100 m4 network rack console switches and monitor kits listed in the following table. For noncritical service requests, a service technician will arrive by the end of the following business day. Low-voltage Intel Xeon processors draw less energy to satisfy demands of power and thermally constrained data centers and telecommunication environments.


The System x M4 compact mini-tower shown. IBM reserves the right to modify or withdraw this announcement at any time without notice. The following table lists the RAID controller additional options supported by the server.

The server supports the internal tape drive options listed in the following table. The latest System x Express models consist of relevant system configurations for ibm system x3100 m4 network System x M4 servers.

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Software versions, features, and functions ibm system x3100 m4 network with these systems may change as new releases become available or discontinued at any time. Front view of the System x M4. Additional terms of use are located at. But beyond the initial acquisition, our end-to-end approach to IT management can also help keep your ibm system x3100 m4 network current, systtem costs, minimize risk, and preserve your ability to make flexible equipment decisions throughout the entire technology lifecycle.

For better performance, distribute expansion enclosures evenly across both adapter ports. Standard models The following table lists the standard models. Network adapters The x M4 offers two integrated Gigabit Ethernet ports.