Register Your Product To register your new product, click the button below. Paper pickup is also a problem with older s but most unless they know how to fix that problem just live with it. Troubleshooting Printer-related Communication Issues in Windows If the printer is connected on a network, ensure that you have configured the network interface correctly. This prints out slanted parallel lines in black and the colors. How do I know when my product is receiving information? Select Add a printer.

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If your product is not supported, a epson 1520 of third party applications are also available which may allow you to print photos, PDFs, Word documents, web pages and more on major mobile operating systems, such as Android, iOS and Windows Phone 7. See the following Related Article for help: Check that the correct IP address epson 1520 listed.

My printout is missing some characters. Ethernet, integrated Wi-Fi, a suitable Epson print server or Windows printer sharing. This feature alone has kept this printer useful epson 1520 me for a loooong time.

Displaying star reviews Show all. But because this printer is so low tech its actually way more reliable than the new Epsons. EpsonNet Print Port is recommend where possible. This document contains information regarding the initial setup and installation for epson 1520 product. If your printer is using an network interface wired Ethernet or wirelessyou may need too add the correct port or change the EpsonNet Print Port setting to ‘Automatic’, so network communication is still available even if the printer’s IP address changes.


Check the port setting in the white box under ‘ Print to the following port s?

epson 1520 Select the questions to view the answers My printout has lines running through it. If your censors think these comments are off-topic; or, if they think these remarks are inappropriate, you’re certainly going to remove this review. Ink for this epson 1520 model is also inexpensive.

Epson Stylus Color 1520 Large Format Inkjet Printer

Not epson 1520 with the Epson Not as good as the latest printers with their smaller ink dots, but still better than you’d expect for an older device. If the correct port is not listed, epson 1520 to the section The required printer port setting is not listed. If your printer is using a USB or Parallel interface but you cannot find the required port setting, try scrolling down the list.

If you epson 1520 not have an EpsonNet Print Port available in the ports list.

Support & Downloads – Epson Stylus Color – Epson

The Epson epson 1520 gets a bad rap sometimes because its epson 1520 older design but especially because it lacks many of the features of the new Epson models. My custom documents come out rotated 90 degrees or sometimes clips.

Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the driver installation. This will make sure the printer is totally operation before you blow your hard earned epson 1520 on a bad print.


In the Ports window, locate the port you added – it should display the port name or Epaon address. Why is this review inappropriate? In Devices and Printersopen epson 1520 Printer Properties. Printing to the full 17 is possible but would take careful design planning 15220 acroba tic paper flipping.

It is a great printer 0. It is easy to epson 1520 clogged printheads – use the printer, leaving it sit unused will allow the ink to coagulate.

epson 1520 If the box is dropped on that end, the knobs will most likely absorb all the impact and that will telegraph epxon the platen and other parts. Open the Devices and Printers folder.

Epson Stylus Color 1520

For a printer epson 1520 to a network via a network interface wired Ethernet or wirelessthe Port should be set to EpsonNet Print Port. User Manual PDF This document contains an overview of the product, basic and in-depth usage instructions, information on using options, specifications, and control code information.

We couldn’t epson 1520 it to work ourselves.