Having used high quality LG 4K external displays, and the Retina display on the and MacBook Pro, my standards for a display are pretty high; I do a decent amount of photography work, and when processing photos from my 24 Megapixel Nikon D and Sony a , I need as sharp and color-accurate a display as possible. And unlike the MacBook Air and Pro, there’s no ‘lip’ in the frame with which you can easily slide a finger under the edge of the screen and pull up. Liquid metal repaste 2 months ago – temps really high LaptopGamingGeek , Dec 7, , in forum: As proof, the system never grows too hot to handle literally under load. Is it really that bad?

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I’ve been very happy with it – Linux complements my natural workflow better than macOS does, and from that standpoint I’m very happy.

Jeff Geerling — 6 months ago. This includes 3 USB-C ports rather than just one on the model you reviewed. The force required to physically click I detest tap-to-click!

Haha, didn’t think of that, but that is one use case for which the webcam is optimized. However, all three of those devices trwckpad far better optimized for the operating system they run. The new has the 8th Gen i7, and I understand this issue has been fixed.

But if you’re a road warrior or are used to using your built-in webcam, the Dell XPS 13 will treat you to a surprise the first time you try video chat.

Do you already have an account? But no longer; now I have one cable sitting on my desk, and I plug it xpw to get all the connectivity I need.

XPS 13 – Trackpad really THAT bad?

A Tale of Two Apples: The InfinityEdge display means the bezel is tiny, meaning the footprint is tiny. Summary The ultimate question, I think, is: Overall, I’m very happy with mine. The only reason the webcam is placed under the screen is to maintain the thin ‘InfinityEdge’ on the top track;ad.


In directly addressing the concerns of users, Dell has refined its XPS 13 laptop further than perhaps ever before.

Dell XPS 13 Touchpad With Cable 0x54kr X54KR | eBay

It’s slightly more refined than what I’m used to from a MacBook Air, but there is a lot of space between the keys, in the ‘gutters’—enough so that I had to consciously move my pinky a tiny bit to get more accurate xpz on the left Shift key. In releasing this XPS 13, Dell is touting its use of Gore thermal insulation for stronger heat dissipation. The keyboard and touchpads trackpda way nicer on the newer model too.

Expect to tracopad able to churn through spreadsheets with this laptop as well, thanks to that 16GB of speedy memory. Luckily it’s just Windows’ usability that’s broken, but I knew that already ;- The XPS 13 also has a traditional barrel plug for AC charging, and comes with an old fashioned two-piece charging adapter.

Hardware Build Quality The fit and finish of the XPS lineup was one of the major reasons I chose it over the other models on my shortlist. So it’s a little awkward in some delp where I’m used to one-handed operation e.

Dell XPS 13 (9360) Review from a lifelong Mac user

Battery Life and Thermal Management Battery life, in my limited and non-scientific testing, has been excellent. It has a charging light, but unlike the Magsafe delll I’m used to, it’s just ‘on’ or ‘off’ no multi-color charging status indication.


Unlike most PC laptops I’ve used, the thermal management is pretty good too; no area of the laptop heats up enough to burn my skin, and the XPS 13 never seems to turn into a small space heater like my ThinkPad used to do quite often In the past, I had setups where I had two or three cables to plug in whenever I put my laptop on my desk.

Battery life, in my limited and non-scientific testing, has been excellent. I disagree with you about the bezel – I love the infinity bezel, and wish there was no webcam so I could get another half inch of screen real estate at the bottom.

And though I continue to use sps Mac for my primary workstation for both frackpad and personal projects, my use of computers has evolved in the past few years quite a bit.

It was almost Apple-Expensive, and the build quality is very good. The trckpad controls are pretty flexible, allowing finger gestures at least with Windows 10and I don’t really have much to complain about.

Log in or Sign up. I was hoping it would be more like the MacBooks, which usually won’t need to ramp the fans up to an audible level unless you’re doing heavier work, like encoding a video or loading a news site web page without an ad blocker It’s not a huge deal, but it is a mark against the laptop in my book.