Their first unit is a vertical row on the left. In addition, activated mediarezhime these keys to switch tracks in Windows Media Player. Mouse About the mouse from the considered set made in wired and wireless version, we already told you – it Defender Zurich. F5 designers have put on the calculator button and next button opening “My Computer. At the bottom of the far part, there are two folding legs, which is located between the battery compartment, and next to it the connection button, which has the same black color as the surrounding space, so it is difficult to notice. Followed by rotary volume control, and the right of the numeric keypad keys are playback controls. Above them is a scroll wheel, over which, in turn, are two keys responsible for horizontal scrolling.

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Wireless kit stowed in one long and flat benr box having dimensions slightly larger than an ordinary box with a keyboard. Lack of media keys except keys Eject. The only people who might not like – these are people with small hands – for them it will be too big, for that matter, a set of mouse and Tandem. Wireless laser kit Defender S Bern Packaging wireless set Applied on top of the keyboard and mouse image on the background of the Swiss landscape.

No Pico is not here, the connection is made by connecting the wires coming from the cradle, which in turn acts as a receiver, to betn USB-port of your PC or laptop. As for convenience, on the whole, satisfactory, except for the above two additional keys, the location of which is quite unusual, no. Even slightly greasy and sweaty fingers do not leave traces on the keyboard because the buttons can be confidently called tend to accumulate grease. Script font applied white paint, Russian – greenish-yellow.


The length of the transmitter Transceiver formed of translucent plastic construction is so simple that even a USB connector is configured as a track on the PCB of the device.

Small circle – wheel audio control, progress can be called slightly tugovato. Everything works perfectly fine, nothing is jammed and did not play. Pleased defenddr the plastic is quite good, and in the design of the mouse and wrist rest unfortunately, is a permanent part of the keyboard used plastic soft-touch, very pleasant to the touch. The ergonomic design and rubberized coating allow “rodent” does not slip out of the hands of the user. All additional keys have the form of narrow strips of silver, protrude from the body to a sufficient height, pressed deeply and clearly.

A very handy feature.

Клавиатуры, мыши Defender | Отзывы покупателей (Страница 7)

Opening the box Right of the keyboard is white cardboard box in which the mouse and other accessories. The bottom of the keyboard is almost flat in the rear part has compartment for two AA batteries, and the edges are two folding legs. Work at a radio frequency of 2.

Here there is more stiff. After that spend quite typical for such devices procedure pressing the connection on the receiver, keyboard and mouse. Symbols here applied the same colors as in the first review of the keyboard set.

Defender Davos 775, Bern 795, Maverick 9515, Futuris 9425 Driver v.1.0

Rear, defnder addition to describing the functions, one can also find the system requirements that are now indicate defeder hardly makes sense.


It should be noted that the Latin and Cyrillic letters printed in different colors, which is also a positive thing. Keyboard The first thing, of course, consider the keyboard. The main keys are pressed well and smoothly. Right control buttons in Media Player, which is to the right of the volume control wheel. Keyboard pleased soft and quiet operation, but a little lacking in tactile feedback communication, it is 7995 clear why, you pressed a letter or not, until you look at the screen.

Resistant black “legs” are nominated easily, but you can work on the keyboard without them – it all depends on the individual ideas of convenience. On the left side there are two buttons for the transition back and forth in your browser. And the included mouse is packed in a separate box.

It is convenient because you can easily distinguish letters and not get lost in the case matches the add graphics the letter “c” and Latin “with” Russian, Latin and Russian X “x”. In this mouse perfectly symmetrical, so that it suits both right and left-handers.

Progress same keys can be called optimal, pressing moderately elastic and felt well, the sound of this quiet enough. And the mouse and keyboard are not only equal to each other in beauty and functionality, but in many ways even compete.