The conceptual design will address the issues of reproducibility and user support while providing an avenue for further scalability. Recommend a method to validate proposed algorithms and methodologies. This pitchout can allow the occupants head or upper torso to strike hard interior areas that cannot be padded or protected. Detailed physics based models will be developed for understanding the meta-atoms interactions with the external stimuli that drive the structure-property relations and the adaptable multifunctionality. Develop a conceptual design for a system that maximizes the deposition rate.

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The small business, in their proposal, will describe approaches of their own choosing to solve the problems.

Military application includes lightweight cartridge cases for small arms 5. Develop corresponding algorithms and processes for creation and integration of dynamic, near-field target model solutions. The commercialization pathway would be collaborating with government or commercial end users to develop and fabricate a full ROIC design; construct a camera test bench and characterize and evaluate the full system.

A penalized mutual information criterion for blind separation of convolutive mixtures. The innovation should accommodate all flight crew anthropomorphic sizes and weights. The use of UASs in military applications is an area of increasing interest and growth.

Powerplants such as heat engines and energy storage devices such as batteries are also not sought within this topic, but reasonable assumptions about technology improvements or advancements in those areas may vmg made by offerors if required to support the proposed power distribution technology.

Identify, develop and test combustible polymeric materials for small arms polymer cartridge case applications. Recently has emerged covalent organic frameworks COFs as a new type of nanoporous materials involving crystalline porous polymers wherein extended predesigned structures are facilitated by the linking of molecular building blocks by strong covalent bonds.

Force and Beyond – The U.

These technologies will reduce mechanical interfaces and components through hybridization or electrification of VTOL conventional mechanical drive systems. The network should have simplified management functions to ease in the upgradability of the system. Time varying higher order statistics for FM signals analysis and decision. Commercial systems including WiFi, and fifth generation, 5G, systems will benefit greatly from the development of SF-STAR radios given that spectrum is a scare resource.

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It is envisioned that future platforms will require the integration of multiple functionalities into fewer sensors, as opposed to the current federated model where each sensor has a single, specific function.

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Through this SBIR process, ce-03 is expected that the boost technology that is developed could be commercialized.

A common mantra in our research is a desire for a BLUFOR trainee who is the subject of a cyberattack to have the ability to react, make decisions to affect the effects of the attack, and, in certain scenarios, conduct a counter attack to affect the OPFOR.

Currently, x1 Army uses several engineering and logistic algorithms and models that are comprised of multiple sourced data sets, including logbook dataMaintenance Allocation Charts MAC Chartsreadiness reportingand part tracking. Training for the Enemy UAV threat – http: Ground sensors restricted to operation from a fixed position do not support the mobile, expeditionary nature of Army combat operations.

The contractor will draft test plans and vmg, fabricate prototype components, and test the prototype system and procedures in a relevant operating environment. Besides enhancing military operations, such a system would have a wide variety of civilian uses such as fire and rescue, law enforcement, and other first-responder situations making it highly viable as a commercial product.

In this regard, the current advances in materials need to be leveraged for developing resilient and precision strikes using armaments which have low vulnerability and that are least susceptible to countermeasures.

This portion of the effort will consist of identifying robust and mathematically consistent computational approaches to stream 3D ce-03 data and perform precise localization for UAS navigation. Other concerns of AM technologies relate to surface roughness, repetitiveness, and porosity [].

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Current plasma deposition research efforts have bjg centered on the discovery of novel materials and plasma chemistries.

The proposals must address issues related to reducing the probability of detection and jamming of the system referencing sources. To realize future Army capabilities, suggested mission parameters for such a platform includes 1 flight hovering durations of at least 20 minutes; 2 flight distances up to 8 km between charging; 3 an autonomy capable of launch and landing in denied spaces, navigation, obstacle avoidance, small size, and attitude control to support imaging operations without human intervention; 4 an ISR sensor payload consisting of a stabilized, multi-axis gimbal with multi-spectral imaging e.

The proposed local coordinate referencing system must be robust, relatively small and low power, rugged, and capable of being deployed very quickly and automatically network all the provided referencing sources. The smallest uninhabited VTOL aerial systems rely on fully electric propulsion and batteries, while large crewed rotorcraft are primarily powered by liquid-fueled turbine engines coupled to mechanical drive systems.

DoD 2018.1 SBIR Solicitation

Prototypes must be subjected to laboratory tests and must include full operating cycles under simulated load conditions. This can be accomplished by 1 implementing the technique from Phase I to stream massive 3D data sets of previously obtained 3D maps of the urban terrain to the UAS navigational system in real time, 2 implementing the technique from Phase I to match sensor-derived ground truth xdma the streamed 3D representation, also in real time, and 3 incorporating the above into a single software system.

Laboratory antenna measurements such as return loss, radiation pattern, and antenna efficiency will be made. The Novel Energy Management System must meet all military operational and storage temperature requirements of deg.