You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post. My midi ports would not be view in my daw. But the driver is dated as well. Input Note On Any Channel from Vortex any channel set channel to 00 any note set note value to pp and velocity qq. Can be signed with our signature or with yours.

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In Device Manager, can you right click on one of the BMT ports, select properties, and verify the version?

LoopBe1 – A Free Virtual MIDI Driver

I am using the paid version Gerry, though I don’t know that this makes a difference. If so maybe it’s more updated. The home page lists compatibility for the latest Windows 10 Anniversary and Creators updates, so apparently no updates are required.

Hope it can help.

Hopefully my good fortune with it will continue. We’ll try to reproduce that on Windows Apologies if you have already tried this. This forum is read-only.


On the negative side, it might take a bit more planning to set things up that way. Private answer Hi Steve — Thanks for writing!

Simple virtual midi connections

Thanks Bome for the info. But the driver is dated as well. See here for the correct view in Device Manager for 8 ports: I think that opening a 32 bit software has mixed up some link in the program.

But I will check if I can see something else. Mici times I have to uninstall and reinstall it. If so maybe it’s more updated I’m using the LoopBe30, which was licensed thru another product bundle, so technically it is not a free version.

I have uninstall bome reinsall it and they were again there. No other Bome software is required or installed.

Hmmm, must be a method required for some of the functionality. Please follow the following steps in this order.

The problem has been appearing today again. Something might have run into a conflict in the upgrade. CakeAlexSDec 21, The issue could lie elsewhere. Let me know if you have any further questions. JocaDec 15, While opening deckadance I dont know if it’s that only but all of my midi driver are gone midi from my rme, spark and brain livid instrument also.


Any other suggestions on how to proceed?

PaulocksDec 15, I will have to send this to Gibson forum also. Forums Mmidi Latest Posts. Maybe because I’m using the free LoopBe1. For my system it’s much more stable.