Can you send us a copy of the packet traffic at the point it fails? Network ports port monitors supported: Ghostwriter Series Thermal Ticket Printer. If your desired ticket size is unavailable, you will need to add your own page size as follows: The Subnet Mask is used by the printer to determine if the destination is on a connected network direct route. The LPR port only allows limited printer status to be reported to the Host.

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However, the HP drivers have slightly different margin definitions and lack many of the features supported in the BOCA drivers – vendor defined page sizes, customer defined page sizes, etc.

Windows Defined – Windows has pre-defined a fyl of common page sizes. Browse Related Browse Related. You may change it if you wish.

Install Ethereal on the same computer that the Boca was initially installed on. Set Protocol to Raw. We strongly recommend restricting the use of flash commands to periodic initialization routines. However, the printer will not accept the command if it is busy, so nothing is usually returned until the printer is ready again. Please note that the only printer status information readily available with these drivers is whether or not 4 printer is ready to receive data.


Problem printing large batches of tickets: Works with Microsoft LPR port. Vgl sure everything is configured correctly on the Network.

Boca Systems – Ticket Printers, Kiosk Printers

Enter the name you wish to call the printer in the Queue Name field. This command returns the Subnet Mask for the network in the form. Using the TEST button will move you over to the next numeric value. We strongly discourage the use of PCL4 drivers for new Windows-based applications.


This driver is only to be used with FGL mode printers. TCP doesn’t use broadcast or multicast, so you will only see your own TCP traffic, bocaa UDP services may use broadcast or multicast so you’ll see some UDP traffic – however, this is not a problem with TCP traffic, it’s a problem with unicast traffic, as you also won’t see all UDP traffic between other machines.

While we do not recommend installing the printer drivers if you intend to communicate bi-directionally, we have developed some ways of communicating bi-directionally while using drivers. TCP communication is initiated by opening the connection item 1 and terminated by closing the connection item 4.

Printer has been tested and works, however the printer will leave a blank stripe on the upper portion of the ticket see ticket in picture.

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Set Protocol to LPR. Custom made plastic cover that that fits a Boca printer. The voca of the command is: We are always looking for I was able to manually feed the tick Set Static IP address.

Boca Printer

Then it will wait 4s, then 8s, etc. This command permanently changes the IP address of the printer and stores it in flash.

You gfl also try sending a large batch of tickets in a series of cgl batches. This command permanently stores the timeout value in flash.

This problem has also been reported for Netgear dual-speed hubs, and may exist for other “auto-sensing” or “dual-speed” hubs. After a total of s, the Boca will send a RST packet and terminate the connection. This command permanently stores the Retransmit Timeout value in flash. Save the project under the ‘file’ tab.

The BOCA drivers allow you to access the “letter” and “11 x 17” page sizes.