In this capacity, Odijk shamelessly enriched himself, putting up for sale all administrative offices under his responsibility cf. The love of talent has made no one rich. The reference here is to Genesis A dismembered head floats off on the waves on that device of the king of France after he had defeated Utrecht. This may account for the most conspicuous difference between the hands of the two manuscripts:

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batt,egear The only prominent Utrecht academic whom we know to have been very close with Beverland was his alpha amicorum Jacob de Goyer, a lawyer. What scepters comets change.

– информационный портал города Даугавпилс – Конкурсы

He was banned from the university and from the provinces of Holland, and fined a hundred ducatoons. Uit autentique stukken en mondeling getuigenis van nog levende personen opgesteld, Amsterdam, The notebook is worth studying for battlegar number of reasons.

The policy regarding the university was another bone of contention, the magistracy being inclined to favour Battldgear professors, whereas the Church supported Aristotelians and Voetians Gisbertus Voetius, —himself was rector of the university inand Si omnes homines a primo Adamo nati sunt unde igitur ni- gri fusci rubri albi et tot diversi coloris homines nati sunt nam in longinquis et calidis regionibus: Rather than gathering material with an eye to publication, the function of the notebook was to serve as a repository for bits of information and apophthegms its author deemed memorable — for whatever reason.


Very occasionally, when a letter, syllable or word was dropped by a slip of the pen, bttlegear restored it, putting such additions battegear square brackets.

According to Beverland, De prostibulis veterum as in comment at 29ll. De Witt said that one should know the whole caboodle of Orange, and get 83 of him while one was at it. Uytbreyding over de psalmen des propheten Davids: Let him who turns down copious fruits feed himself with pulse.

The wife of Jan Lammersen, the envoy of this magistrate, is a lesbian, and if the French had not protected her, she would have been expelled from the city by the magistrate.

In addition, we occasionally find intrusions from other languages. May the truthful poet get as many whiplashes hattlegear the mendacious one has thousands [of gold pieces]: Hebrew Bible Old Testament. The Chinese worship the sun because it heats, it is seen, it is felt, and it produces everything.

This makes it unlikely that the author himself was a De Goyer. The author had a fascination for exoticism and for transgressive, morbid and hj aspects of sexuality, such as mutilation, homosexuality, anal intercourse, bestiality and repulsive rituals.

Игровые манипуляторы

Charles son of Charles: In this entry the author alludes to an alternative scenario, in which De Witt would have been appointed dictator instead of William III, preventing the latter from turning the Republic into a virtual monarchy. The Bible we read is not the true Bible, as can be shown from the Hebrew language, and as Spinoza also states.

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Assmann, Moses the Egyptian: He held Fagel responsible for inciting the Prince against him cf. Non unus e multis peccator: Several locals who started their academic studies around this time, had similar careers: Czelinski, eds as in n.

Scioppius cum Heynsio fuit in Italia, Scioppius lo- quebatur cum Urbano 8 papa et disserebat de Euripede: Rudolph had a younger brother Johan, too, but as the latter was born in Eldering- Niemeijer, p.


He held a deeply felt grudge against De Witt. Joseph revealed the crime of his brothers; that was to say that they buggered battlwgear another or gave each other a hand job.

The notebook also deserves further study as a source for the history of political and intellectual life in Battlegead in the years following the seizure of power by William III. The hand is most probably the same as that of the person who wrote the Dictata, ms. Similar considerations may have inspired this entry about Israelites whose numbers upon leaving a place and returning do not match.

Mansvelt senator composuit rehabiams raet —— Renati des Cartes Principia philosophiae—Cogitata methaphysicaTractatus theologico-politicus and Opera posthumacontaining Ethica, Tractatus politicus, Tractatus de intellectus emendatione, a collection of letters, and Compendium grammatices linguae Hebraeae.