Yes, and 5-point multitouch is not physically implemented on the resistive panel. You need to weigh the cost vs. Scrolling is pretty smooth. I took this model from the bike for testing, but later noticed that there was no charging. Post has been edited AirPhon – I would liked for this button to have toggled the Android taskbar, rather than just replicating the back function on an awkward to access part of the tablet. About the tablet Year of issue:

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It puts incredible power that leaps past most portable PCs at your fingertips. All ainol novo 7 legend usb all, though, this is a fairly compelling color e-reader that also happens to be a decent Android tablet. Charges from a thin mini USB, but there is a round hole under 5V charging. Nothing much to see here.

And CyanogenMod 10 from Rifer R 2 firmware version for tablet: The sound does not crack, films show. NOVO7 has a 7-inch screen resolution of x Capacitive Screen, support 5-point touch, a better touch experience; Addition, using a standard 4: How much memory you have in your machine?


But the touch resistive. Videos on the screen are a bit pixilated, due to the aspect ratio and limited resolution, but streaming video played just fine, all at full speed.

Ordered instead of the crushed YeahPad A13, thought that the screen 4: I hope the matrix will be better than the Eken C70 A Internet sites have color and refresh fairly fast. Not too much to say here. You can install apps and games or media files at this storage. In general, the legend of the first sensations like, I’ll lose the loss. Corners are rounded, ainol novo 7 legend usb front is nice and clean, with only the obligatory Ainol logo, and nothing is really cluttered anywhere.

Headphones sound good on this unit. I will be grateful for a ainoo to a normal, not expensive battery.

Ainol Novo 7 Legend 7 Inch A13 Chip Android Tablet PC WIFI HD 2160P 8GB

Though on 5 points. I was pleasantly surprised by this single core processor.

Ordered Legend child here Http: I would liked for this button to have toggled the Android taskbar, rather than just replicating the back function on an awkward to access part of the tablet.


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Ratings 1 2 3 4 5. No video out, at all. Yes, up to 5 touches Bluetooth and GPS: Which one is right? Not particularly good, but not bad. Edinsvenno, where under such size the cover to search?

Ainol Novo 7 Legend – Talk –

Review written by James Cloud. December – Ainoll unit purchased from Gadgets Dealer. Icegtx, write ainol novo 7 legend usb the reception quality of the wifi and the time of viewing the video with a full battery. I like it when manufacturers keep tablets this clean, and Ainol has always been good about that. Chinese tablet manufacturers have started producing some affordable 7 inch tablets built on ICS, using a 4: